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  • September 13Dr. Lynette Ohanian named GHS Principal! Her previous AP position will be filled by Ms. Jessica De La O!
  • August 30Ms. Bedrousi's daughter just did the cutest thing! OMG, you guys!
  • July 26Dr. Wolf takes principal position at San Marino High School. Ms. Sassounian named interim GHS principal.
  • April 28Mr. Whithorne does not actually own a horn. His name is a lie.
  • October 6Mr. Martinez is unbreakable. Half of his body is composed of metal.
  • October 6Ms. Clark-Reed is at Chipotle right now.
  • October 3Mr. O'Malley now has a full head of hair! (jk, he's still bald.)
  • September 17Mr. Kirkwood and Mr. Benkovich are the same person.
The News Website for Glendale High School


The News Website for Glendale High School


The NBA Playoff Predictions


It’s playoff season, the time of year where many shed tears of happiness or sadness. It’s time to predict your brackets and root your team to win the NBA Championship. I got the Lakers going to The Finals, but which team will be in position to beat the Lakers? 

As much as I would like to see back-to-back champs, it is looking quite difficult for the Lakers. The Phoenix Suns are showing no mercy to the King, Lebron James. With Chris Paul, and the young star Devin Booker, the Suns have tied the series. Sadly, both Anthony Davis and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope are both injured. They seek to come back into action in Game 5 tonight. (I still predict the Lakers in 6.)

Meanwhile, the Clippers came back from a 2-0 lead against the Mavericks. Both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have been scoring well for the team. Many people doubt the Clippers, yet I still say the Clippers in 6. I would love to see the Clippers face the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. We just have to hope for both teams to make it that far. 

The other two games in the west are great. The Jazz are putting the Grizzlies asleep with their melodies. The series is 3-1, but I believe Utah will close it off in Game 5. As for the Nuggets and Blazers, I see Damian Lillard draining threes to close the series in Game 7. The Joker is unstoppable in the paint. But if Dame Time and CJ McCullum decide to shoot, then it could be hard for the Nuggets.

Now we transition to the East where the Milwaukee Bucks swept the Heat. The Greek Freak dominated, which is pretty much all you could say about that series. Now the New York Knicks are losing to the Hawks 3-1. Sadly, Derrick Rose is not able to carry the team with Randle not performing at his best. This leaves Trae Young to prove the respect he deserves in the NBA. As good as the Knicks played in the regular season, I want to predict the Hawks winning in Game 5.

The Philadelphia Sixers star Joel Embiid is showing off his talent against Washington. With the series 3-1, it seems as if the Sixers have got it in the bag. The Wizards aren’t so bad, but they could use a better team overall. Both Russell Westbrook and Bradly Beal put up a great amount of points for the team, but they can’t seem to win. All I’m saying is that Westbrook can somehow work his magic to turn the series around. Sixers in 7. 

The Celtics are down two games as well to the Nets. With Boston missing Jaylen Brown, it shows how it has affected the team’s performance. Meanwhile, the trio of James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are doing what they can to beat them. All of them combined to put up 104 points in a playoff game. The Nets are probably the strongest team out there today. I got the Nets closing out the series in Game 6. The Eastern Finals will be between the Nets and Sixers. 

Finally, the NBA Finals will be in July. The Three Musketeers of the Nets will take on the King himself. It will be one of the closest and most intense series of NBA history. In Game 7, Lebron will shoot the final shot… and score. My final prediction for the NBA Championship goes for the Los Angeles Lakers. 

About the Contributor
Francisco Martinez, Staff Writer
Francisco is a senior at Glendale High School. He is a former Construction student, and a member of the Journalism class. He is a good-looking man, who enjoys watching basketball and playing video games.
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