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The News Website for Glendale High School


WandaVision “Episode 4: We Interrupt This Program”

Our fourth in a series of reviews of every episode of WandaVision


Episode 4 brought us the answers to all our questions. But is this normal in Marvel fashion? 

Going into this addition expecting a wholesome 1980’s themed episode was not the best mindset to start with. We were no longer in the small, square frame from the past episodes, instead fitting the horizontal screen that is normal for Marvel movies. 

We are taken back to the times of the “blip” seeing Monica Rambeau re-dissolve back inside a hospital room. Fans quickly noticed the voice of Captain Marvel herself call Monica “Lieutenant Trouble” as she woke. Monica soon learns that her mother has died during her 20-minute nap, which in reality was 5 years long. These few minute scenes truly exemplified all the fear that the blip really had on the world, something that Spider-man:Far From Home took as more of a joke

Monica goes back to her job at SWORD, meeting with Acting Director, Tyler Wayhard. Here, he gives her some time away from extraterrestrial creatures by working with the FBI instead. We obviously know that with the role that Monica has in the WandaVision sitcom, she is not really getting much of a break. So theories arise here, claiming that Wayhard is the villain, as he has put Monica in this situation, no doubt, knowing the case. While I don’t have anything that would entirely disprove this, I really hope Marvel does not take this easy route.

There are too many movies already where the head of the agency is actually the villain! We’ve seen enough! 

On the scene of Westview, which apparently never existed before, we meet again with Jimmy Woo, the agent from Ant Man. After some improvement on card magic, he and Rambeau take on the case of the mysterious forcefield. They send a drone through the forcefield, turning it into the helicopter we see in Episode 2.  Then, Rambeau makes a random choice to stick her hand in the forcefield, getting sucked into the world. 

Question 1 and 2: answered.  

Darcy Lewis from the Thor movies revives her role, creating the most dynamic duo with Jimmy Woo. Being the most intelligent person on the case, she figures out the entire situation single-handedly, and uses a classic TV to watch the sitcom. The camera pans out, showing the shot we originally saw at the end of Episode 1. 

Question 3: answered. 

The crew begins to identify all of the people in the sitcom, as they are real people who once lived in this New Jersey town. Creating a board with the identification of all these characters, we notice one character not having this ID: Agnes. Hmm… 

In an attempt to reach Wanda, Jimmy and Darcy work together to broadcast through the radio to connect with Wanda. Yet here, we see a glitch that was not shown in Episode 2, completely excluding the radio scene. 

Question 4: answered. 

The agents work together, sending in one of their own inside the town. As he passes through the forcefield, his suit morphs into a beekeeper suit. It seems that the whole town is under a spell, changing things that would probably be abnormal to fit the time period. The beekeeper jumps out of the sewer, showing us what we saw at the end of Episode 2. 

Question 5: answered. 

The sitcom moves to Episode 3. With the birth of Wanda’s twins, we see this scene in the horizontal format that fits the rest of the episode. We see scary Wanda, trying her best to keep her reality as she has worked to maintain it. As Monica/Geraldine is a threat to her happiness, Wanda kicks her through the fourth wall (she literally falls through four walls) and falls back out of town. This confirms what we’ve already believed, that “it’s all Wanda.” 

This is where I’m feeling uneasy. As Wanda fixes the walls she just pushed Monica through, we see Vision walk back in. But Vision is a little… dead. It seems that Wanda’s reality has faced a little bump, showing what Vision truly looks like without the alterations. The episode ends with them both on the couch, and Vision creepily looking into the camera. 

It seems fishy that we got so many answers in this episode. It is satisfying to get confirmation on a lot of theories, but it doesn’t feel right. It is clear that the main plots will be a lot of the small, extremely tiny details that we have seen. 

I can’t be the only one who really enjoys seeing Wanda as a villain. She’s gone through so many hardships, that if she doesn’t somehow get Vision back, it would be exciting to see the most powerful Avenger as a villain. (Yes, she’s the most powerful Avenger. Fight me on this.) 

Lastly, the thought of Vision being a corpse throughout these past few episodes is very frightening. This would mean that every hug, every kiss, everything Wanda has done has been with a dead body disguised as a living one. I mean, she has more serious problems than this, I would say.

Until the next episode, dear readers! Hopefully it will be one with fewer zombie bodies.

About the Contributor
Arline Daniali
Arline Daniali, Staff Writer
Arline is a senior at Glendale High School. She is the Senior Class President, the Make-a-Wish president, and a member of ASB. In her free time, Arline likes to watch movies, bake, read, and crochet!
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