WandaVision “Episode 1: Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience”

Our first in a series of reviews of every episode of WandaVision


Matthieu Amper, Staff Writer


The Marvel drought has finally ended! After a year in hiatus, new content will finally be released, starting with the new series that premiered on Disney+, WandaVision

To some it may seem confusing how we even got to this point of the Marvel timeline. Why are Wanda and Vision living in an I Love Lucy type sitcom? Where are the other Avengers? How is Vision even alive? And so on. A plethora of theories have been made, but in due time all will be revealed.

Before the first episode starts, we are shown the classic Marvel Studios logo that slowly fades into a monochromatic color to fit the mold of a 1950s TV show. We begin with the newlyweds, Wanda Vision and Vision. (Vision?)

Anyway, we begin with them driving into the suburbs and moving into their new suburban home while the credits roll, as if it is the intro to their “show”. We see the two in a classic sitcom setting, the kitchen. Wanda, while using her powers, flies a plate unto Vision’s metal head. “My wife and her flying saucers!” Vision exclaims jokingly. My husband and his indestructible head!” Wanda replies, whilst the laugh track rolls in the background.

Both Wanda and Vision quickly find themselves in a classic sitcom debacle. What’s so special about today?? They see that their calendar has a heart drawn on today’s. They lie to each other, letting the other believe that they are aware of the day’s special occasion. 

This misunderstanding sets up the sitcom troupe where the husband and wife both get themselves in a hilarious situation at the dinner party later in the episode.

While Vision goes on to work and Wanda stays home, we are introduced to Kathryn Han’s character Agnes, the classic nosy sitcom neighbor. Many have suspected that this character is linked to the villain Agatha Harkness. I mean, Agnes? Agatha? Doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch.

Agnes notices the inconsistencies, like how Wanda and her husband have moved in the neighborhood without having a moving company, and how Wanda doesn’t have a ring, even though she is married. It seems that the writers are hinting at the fact that Agnes knows more than we are led to believe. After her conversation with Agnes, Wanda is convinced that the heart on the calendar is referring to her and Vision’s anniversary. 

Inside this “show,” Vision works for a company called Computational Services, and despite the fact that Vision is working as fast as a “machine,” as his coworker jokingly tells him, he doesn’t know what the company he works for does.

We are then introduced to his boss Mr. Hart, who tells Vision that he and his wife will be coming over to their house for dinner that will most likely determine Vision’s future in the company–so that was the heart! Vision later calls Wanda in order to inform her about this. However she misunderstands him, thinking that Vision is talking about their anniversary.

Before the big dinner party we see a commercial for a toaster and it is revealed that the company that manufactures this toaster is called Stark Industries. (Easter Egg!) As we know, the name Stark is really important in the MCU, so perhaps this could mean that Tony Stark’s father exists in this show? Since it is set in the 1950s, it can be safe to assume that Tony Stark isn’t even born yet.

Later when Vision arrives with Mr. Hart and his wife, Vision finds out that Wanda hasn’t prepared dinner and is wearing a special dress for their anniversary, which is explained as European, Sokovian to be exact. Vision does his best to distract their guests while Wanda seeks help from Agnes to cook dinner.

Mrs. Hart shoots the newlyweds with questions about their past, and when neither of them answers her, suddenly the mood gets eerie. “Honestly, why did you come here?” Mr. Hart presses on. Mrs. Hart encourages the couple set up their story, and this references how Wanda is creating their story on the fly, supporting the theory that she is the one that has created this reality.

Mr. Hart eventually chokes on his food, while his wife smiles as if nothing is happening. He continues to choke on the ground until Vision uses his powers to save his boss. Suspiciously, he gets up as if nothing has happened and joyfully states that it is time for him and his wife to leave. He tells Vision that he has a bright future in the company.

Relieved, Wanda and Vision take a seat on their couch, and Wanda uses her powers to create rings for the two of them. After they announce that tonight will be their anniversary, Vision uses the remote to turn off the episode. As the credits roll, the camera zooms out to reveal that somebody is watching the show. It isn’t shown who is monitoring Wanda, but is revealed that the person works for the Sword Organization.

To some this may be a confusing episode. However, it is only the first episode out of nine in total. Knowing this should get you excited for what is to come, especially if you are someone who has read the comic House of M (2005) #7. On the other hand, if you aren’t at all excited for what is to come, at least you get to enjoy a sitcom-type show about two famous and powerful Marvel superheroes.