Business Is Booming with Narek Avetisyan


Maxim Arutunian, Staff Writer

Narek Avetisyan was born in Armenia, Yerevan, where he lived for thirteen years. In 2017, he moved to Glendale, and he has been living here ever since. He first attended Wilson Middle School before he arrived at GHS. The reason why his parents moved here was to provide a brighter future for him and his brother. Narek’s hobbies include swimming, going out with his friends, and reading the news.
Prior to this year, Narek had attended one club, which was MESA, where he enjoyed math, and earned the title of treasurer as well. In his junior year, he saw that GHS students lacked education about the economy, other than during their senior year, and he decided to found two clubs, Economics Club and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

His goal in Econ Club was to make a place where people who are interested in economics can join and get a general understanding of it, before receiving the same education in twelfth grade. The club resembles a sort of bridge that will show what economics means, “because the lack of opportunities can make many people lose their interest.”

Narek also brought FBLA to our campus, which is a nationwide organization, and its main goal is to provide additional opportunities for students interested in business. This club requires a membership fee to sign up. If you pay your dues of $11, you can participate with your fellow club members in nationwide competitions, which can be found on both the state and national levels. 

As of now, there is an ongoing competition called “Stock Market Game”, which is a simulation where you start off with money and you have to work your way to make even more money on the stock market. The GHS team at the moment is positioned in the top twenty out of 254 teams.

Narek also plans to participate in the National Economics Challenge with his Econ Club team. Competing teams are a group of three to four people, and if our students earn their way into the finals, they get to travel to New York to attend the final competition.

The part that Narek enjoys the most about being a president is how people in his clubs are very passionate and are dedicated to everything they do. The general feel and aura of the people in both clubs give him so much enjoyment.

The Econ Club and FBLA were both founded this year, and at the moment they have a big following at all grade levels, from freshmen to seniors. This makes Narek sure that both clubs are going to last for a while because there are many people involved.

 This will allow people who are interested in business to join these clubs and get to know what it is about. Even after Narek leaves GHS, both clubs are in the hands of other people. So far, like any other class or club, all meetings are through Zoom, and Narek thinks that it will be like this until the end of the year.

Narek has also founded a non-profit organization that teaches financial literacy for free. Please click here for more information.

If you are interested in joining the Economics Club, please email Mr. O’Malley ([email protected]) and to learn more about FBLA, please contact Mr. Watter ([email protected])!