Nahnor Ghazarian Has Ambition for the Class of 2023


Nahnor Ghazarian takes a break from her busy schedule as Sophomore Class President.

Anri Sahakyan, Staff Writer

Nahnor Ghazarian is the President of the Class of 2023. She is 15 years old and was born in Glendale, California. Some of her hobbies include playing tennis and singing.

Nahnor wanted to become the president of her class, because she always wanted to play a lead role for her class, and high school was the perfect time to do so.

As class president, Nahnor is responsible for running the class council meetings, coming up with fundraisers, making sure everyone has a chance to share their opinions, and ensuring that all the officers are doing their jobs.

Nahnor’s favorite aspects of her position are the interactions she gets to have with everyone and coming up with new ideas. On the other hand, her least favorite thing about the job is the occasional stressful work that she faces throughout.

Some of her goals as class president are to make everyone’s voices heard and to have successful fundraisers, in order to provide the Class of 2023 with an enjoyable experience throughout all of their years at GHS.

Overall, Nahnor feels that the situation with covid-19 will change our everyday lives and that it came up very unexpectedly. However, she is confident that it will be over by next year and we will come back to normal.

When asked where she sees herself in the future, Nahnor answered that she will be in a university and will be studying to become a doctor. 

If you are a tenth-grader, and you are interested in joining the Sophomore Class Council, please contact your class advisor, Mrs. Clark-Reed, at [email protected]!