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The News Website for Glendale High School


Jordan Alvarez Is Ready to Boss the Team Around

Freshman softball captain is the loud voice on the field

If you’ve ever been to a freshman softball game, you can hear Jordan Alvarez doing all the chants and hyping up the dugout to get that victory.

Jordan is a freshman at Glendale High School, and she was born in Burbank. Although she is currently the captain of the freshman softball team, she has also played basketball and volleyball. Jordan’s first sport was basketball, and her father taught her to play at the age of six. He eventually wanted her to become a professional basketball player when she grew up. 

Jordan loves spending time with her step-sister Lexi. She enjoys cooking and talking about school drama with Lexi, and they make mac and cheese, soup, dino nuggets, and sometimes pasta. 

Jordan likes doing her makeup in her free time. She also loves going to the Americana at Brand and walking around and shopping at her favorite stores, like Brandy Melville, Target, Build-A-Bear, and Tilly’s

What made you want to join the softball team? 

I wanted to join softball because I thought it would be a fun season. It is my first year playing softball, and I always want to try new sports. I wanted to know how to play softball and learn new techniques about the sport. 

My sister, Faith Alvarez, joined in her junior year, and now she’s a senior. She wanted me to join softball, so I could be with her for her last year of high school. 

Which is the harder sport for you: basketball or softball? 

In my opinion, softball is the hardest technique to play. Softball is about being on time on the pitches when you’re batting, [and] you need to cover your base at all times. Sometimes, I can get hurt while playing softball and trying to get a base by sliding. I need to protect myself by doing these types of things. To me, softball is one of the hardest sports I have played yet. 

What’s your favorite part of being the frosh captain? 

My favorite part of being a softball captain is calling out the chants every time we’re hitting or doing defense. Also [I like] getting all the girls hyped up in the dugout, so we can win our games and have the best attitude in the game and not give up.
Do you have any tips for new girls who may want to join softball? 

One tip is [to] always come to practice and games with a great attitude. It only matters about your attitude and what you bring out to the field because your mood can affect everyone on the team. Coming in with a great attitude can make the practice more fun and make practice a better experience. 

What’s your favorite memory during softball season? 

My favorite memory is playing the games with my friends [and] teammates and having the music blasting in the dugout and all of us laughing. They make the games so much more fun, and it puts us all in a good mood. 

What goals do you have after high school?

One of my goals is to become a hairstylist get my cosmo license, and maybe open my salon one day. 

Are you going to continue softball after high school? 

I don’t see myself going on a softball team again in the future. I want to do something else with my life and experience new things, and I can make more goals in my life after my graduation. Maybe [I can start] to go to a hairstyling school. 

If you are interested in playing for our Nitro softball team next season, please talk to Coach Jack Monroe, at one of their home games! Tryouts for next year’s team will be coming soon!

About the Contributor
Gizell Lopez, Staff Writer
Gizell is a freshman at Glendale High School, and she is also a member of the softball team. Gizell enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends.
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