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The News Website for Glendale High School


The News Website for Glendale High School


Emma Remley Is Molding Young Minds!

And completely by chance!
Emma Remley (in foreground) is creating a panic with ceramics.

Emma Remley is a senior here at Glendale High School. She was born in Nevada but has lived in California for most of her life. Her hobbies include ceramics, sewing, and playing The Legend of Zelda game series

Emma is currently serving as the ASB Director of the Student Store, which requires her to order items for sale and to schedule other ASB members to work the registers at snack and lunchtime. She was also the president of the Ceramics Club last year and is looking forward to another year of service during this current school year.

How did you first get involved with the ceramics club?

Okay, so [during my] sophomore year, I was in the Ceramics 1-2 class, and at the time I wasn’t actually part of the club. But [during] junior year, nobody wanted to be the president. So [Ms. Souris] was like, “We need a president!” And I was like, “Well, I like ceramics a lot, like a lot a lot. [And] I’m here every day, so yeah, I’ll do it.” And then I was elected so… now I’m here. 

Truly inspirational. 

I know! Get on your opportunities!

What about this club, and about ceramics in general, most interests you?

I like the creation of things. I like art. I don’t know how to phrase this in a good way, [but] I kind of like “messier art.” I don’t like drawing, because it’s too clean. So I like the dirty aspect of ceramics, because…my hands are dirty. 

And it’s fun, because then I go to my third period, and they’re like, “Why are you covered in clay?” Ummm, because I was in ceramics. 

Because you wanted to be. 

Yeah, exactly, ‘cause I wanted to be. And then I like being able to just make stuff, and I think that [for me] 3D art is an easier way to do that. And ceramics is a pretty easy way to express myself through 3D art. 

So what would you say is the purpose of the GHS Ceramics Club?

The main purpose is to teach people, who don’t have the luxury of being in the class, stuff about ceramics. [I want to give] people an opportunity to learn about ceramics, because when I came to this school, I didn’t know this was a class. I didn’t know you could do that. 

Also [I hope] to give a place where people can work on ceramics without feeling like they need to be working so hard to have things graded. I think art is entirely subjective, and so if you’re working for a grade, you’re not really getting everything you could be out of your self-expression.

So why do you think this club is needed on campus?

Well, I think it’s a great way for people who, like me, don’t like 2D art. So they don’t maybe want to join the Art Club, but they need a place to artistically express themselves. It’s also a great way for people who don’t have the class to experience ceramics and learn 3D art.

I think 3D art is a hard art form to do, like at home or outside of school, and having the kiln [here] is a wonderful resource to have on campus. And I think everyone should be allowed to use it, even if you’re not in the class. So having the club, it gives them a way to do that, giving them the opportunity to work on ceramics, despite maybe not having the time or schedule for the class.

What typically happens during club meetings?

For our first meeting…we’re gonna make different stuff with clay. Our first project is gonna be ornaments for Christmas trees, and then we’re probably gonna make bowls. And if we have time, I’d like to make vases, ‘cause I think those are very fun. So yeah, we just work with clay, [and] have fun. You’re allowed to do kinda whatever you want.

Aside from bowls and vases, what other things do you make?

I mean, if someone comes in and they’re not in the class, [and] they wanna do something else, [and] they wanna do a sculpture, I’m totally down for that. If they want help, I’ll help them. If they don’t need help, they can do whatever they want. As long as people are being safe [and respectful], it’s really just whatever creative expression you want.

How does it feel to be the president of a club?

I like leadership, because I feel like I’m helping people. Really for Ceramics Club, it’s not like NHS or CSF, where it’s a huge thing on campus. Ceramics Club is just a place for people to have fun, and I like that, because it doesn’t feel like the world is on my shoulders. While it is kinda stressful, because you have to go and make sure stuff is going well in your club and be on top of things, it’s not that bad.

In case any underclassmen are reading this, I encourage taking on leadership roles or officer positions in [your] clubs. It’s a really great experience, [and] you learn a lot of stuff.

As the president of the Ceramics Club, I think it’s really nice being able to see these people having fun and knowing that I’m helping them in some way, and giving them the place to do that. And as someone who just likes helping other people, I think it’s a really great opportunity to see everyone have a good time.

What would you say to those underclassmen that you’re helping?

To the underclassmen that I’m helping, I would just say [to] have fun. So if you’re thinking about coming to the meetings, don’t be scared. Just show up. There’s really nothing you have to do. There [are] no fees or dues, [and] your only responsibility is to come, play with ceramics, enjoy your time, make something, [and] take it home. 

We need officers, so if you have a club that you like, try and get in an officer position. Talk to your upperclassmen, because as sad as it is to say, the seniors aren’t gonna be here next year, and we need people to come and take over. Speaking generally, if you care about something, get into a leadership position so you can take care of it next year, too.

What other info about this club should GHS students know?

Meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in Room 7203. Everyone is welcome, [and] you can join the club at any time. There are no requirements to join. The only thing is, if you are not following our rules… then we’ll have to kick you out. But aside from that, everyone’s welcome, [so] please come join.

What hopes do you have for this club after you graduate?

Well, I hope that there’ll be an underclassmen to take over. I don’t want it to be like my junior year, where we just had no one and it was up for question if the club would even continue. I want there to be someone who cares to take over. If there [are] any underclassmen reading this who like ceramics, let me know. I’m very friendly, [and] I don’t bite. If you’re interested, you can shadow me [and find] out what it is that presidents do.

If you are interested in joining the Ceramics Club, meetings are Thursdays at lunch, and you can follow them on Instagram: @ceramicsclub_ghs. You can also join the club Remind account by texting @ga7a8f to 81010.

Get your fingers in the clay, Nitros!

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Tomas Morales Valles, Staff Writer
Tomas is a senior at Glendale High School, who is very obsessed with the 70's band Queen. He is a part of the yearbook and journalism staffs, as well as a member of some other clubs on campus. Tomas is very proud of his culture and hates being called a “no sabo kid.” His hobbies include being a mediocre chef, weight lifting, singing (badly), and playing a variety of instruments, such as piano and guitar.
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