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Mrs. Sadr Is Here to Guide Her Students

Our new Cloud Computing & Computer Science Academy Counselor is calling upon students to join her program.

The Glendale High School Cloud Computing and Computer Science (CCCS) Academy is introducing students to many enrichment activities. It was created for kids who are interested in the fields of computer science and cloud computing and would like to learn more about them for their future.

Cloud Computing Counselor, Mrs. Hasina Sadr, is new to GHS, and she is very excited to begin this new journey with her students. She advises kids to join the program and get to know more about the tech world. 

Mrs. Sadr was born in Los Angeles, and she primarily grew up there. However, her family is originally from Afghanistan. She speaks Farsi, which is her first language, and English is her second. 

Mrs. Sadr loves nature, because it helps her to clear her mind. Some of the things she enjoys doing include walking in nature and hiking, because she grew up camping. Her favorite spots to enjoy nature are by a river or a lake. 

Mrs. Sadr also enjoys watching reality TV shows, and she loves dancing. She grew up with Afghan dancing, but she appreciates all different types of cultural dances and music, such as salsa and jazz. 

Mrs. Sadr came to GHS, because she liked the diversity in Glendale. She appreciates th fact that our students all come from different parts of the world, and we all speak different languages and observe different cultures and interests. 

One challenge so far for Mrs. Sadr is making sure she always has the right tools on hand to be able to effectively support students who may not have English as their first language.Another challenge for her is sometimes with name pronunciation and making sure she is pronouncing names the way students would like his/her name to be pronounced. 

Mrs. Sadr sees her role in the Cloud Computing program as a counselor, who oversees the academy, supports her students and advises them on the program course pathway as well as provide enrichment opportunities in the field 

Cloud Computing is a very interesting and newer field, and Mrs. Sadr is passionate about exploring it with her students. It is a new innovation in technology, and she wants to give kids the opportunity to learn more about it and support them in that capacity.

In order to join the Cloud Computing Academy, students have to apply and be accepted. Students in the academy take three community college classes in one year, and a community college instructor comes and teaches the students. For each class, students receive credits for high school and for college. 

Students in the program are exposed to many interesting activities, such as having guests come and talk about their careers and how they first got into it. Students also go on field trips such as visiting college campuses.

Furthermore, students have many enrichment opportunities through the academy. They have the support of Glendale Community College, they get a free bus pass, and they get to use all of the resources available at GCC. Students also learn more about the Cloud Computing field and receive credits for college and have a more impressive transcript. 

For students who are interested in applying for the academy for next school year, students may apply in the 9th grade spring semester and start the program when they are sophomores. There are some exceptions if you are in another grade level. You can reach out to Mrs. Sadr for more information. 

In the academy, students will be taught different computing languages, such as C++ and Java. They will also learn other skills that will help them in a career in computer science.

Students in the academy eventually become eligible to take the Amazon Web Services Certification Test, and if the students pass this test, they will receive an Amazon Web Services certificationStudents can add this certification to their resume, which makes them more competitive for jobs in the field after they graduate. 

Mrs. Sadr also advises that, beyond skills and certificates, it is important for students to continue their education after high school, if they are truly interested in a career in this field. Whether it is going to a community college, or going directly into a four-year college, students should study subjects such as computer science, computer programing, data management, IT and cloud computing.

Nowadays, this field is a very hot market, and everything is very much connected to technology. So students who are interested, and want to be more competitive in the field of technology, should take a look into this program. 

For more information on the Glendale High School Cloud Computing and Computer Science Academy, please contact Mrs. Sadr at [email protected]. Feel free to drop by her office hours during snack and lunch.

About the Contributor
Sofya Ghazaryan, Staff Writer
Sofya is a sophomore at Glendale High School and a member of the Nitro volleyball team. She loves spending time with her boyfriend, friends and family. She enjoys watching Netflix and playing beach volleyball and tennis.
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