“The Artist’s Wrath”

A piece by Hasmik Tumasyan


Artwork by Tyque Galloway

Hasmik Tumasyan, Staff Writer

Barrel through history and pick out the deleted documents / crumpled up paper and parchment / shards of glass and clay / and crossed out finger paintings on cave walls / put them together and gaze upon the world’s greatest work of art / a perfect masterpiece of imperfections / the lost sixth draft of the great american novel / a drawing of a dog that looks too much like a horse / a whittling of something no one can make out / all shoved / tossed / forced / together with the utmost care // they are living proof that there is greatness in not being good enough / there is beauty in hideousness / in being the anger that leads to pride / in being unseen to all but one / in incurring the artist’s wrath