What Is Holding You Back?!

Don’t allow fear to keep you from being the person you want to be!


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Maria Bagumian, Staff Writer

Sometimes in life, we second-guess our own decisions, and we focus too much on our own mistakes. When we think about how to resolve an issue, we prefer to choose the easiest path. 

Do you know what is the main thing that is holding you back from achieving your dreams? It’s the fear of failure! This keeps you from taking risks and trying something that you may have planned for the future. However, the fact that your plans might not go the way you’ve planned should never stop you from moving forward in life.

When you try something, and it ends up going the way you planned, you always talk about how right your decision was. But when you fail, instead of trying again, you may only think of the end result. 

Successful people do not normally get discouraged by failure, because they don’t accept their choices as a failure and they accept each setback as a small mistake that can be fixed. You should never be too scared to fight for your dreams and prove to everyone that failure does not exist. 

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” 

Why do we always think that successful people have never failed and they are just lucky to be who they are? None of us know what every person is going through, and I am honestly proud of those people who do not let their failures hold them back and focus instead on their successes. 

Sometimes holding on to the little things that hurt you is hard to give up, but you may not even realize there are so many greater things out there for you, and so many bigger issues to think about.

For young adults, parties and other fun activities will always be there when you need them, but the opportunity to succeed will end earlier than you think. All of those lovely restaurants, get-togethers, and nightclubs might feel nice at first, but you will regret those distractions in the years to come. 

If others can succeed in life, then why can’t you? Why can’t you own a beautiful property in the nicest city or have your dream job, especially if it all depends on you? 

You should always be proud of yourself for at least trying, and you should feel proud of your failures. Accepting your mistakes as learning opportunities will bring you one step closer to your goals.

Motivate yourself with little things, like enjoying your morning latte while walking around the park, amazed by the beautiful LA weather. It is important to keep yourself positive when going through difficulties, but you should also be aware of your limits. Blaming someone else for the things you have not achieved is not a solution, because this is your time to shine and show the world who you really are.

It is never too late to try something new, but no one lives forever, so get up and do your life-changing steps while you still can! It may be difficult now, but it will all be more enjoyable later. 

The words, “I’ll do it later,” lead to laziness, and if you won’t do it at the time, the possibility that you will never do it goes higher. Enjoy your life, but don’t be too scared to make a move! 

Fear is actually holding you back from being the person that you want to be, so surround yourself with positive people and aim for the stars, Nitros!