Danica Martinez Knows the Importance of Being HERd

HERd Club president knows that everyone deserves a voice


Danica Martinez (center) sells bracelets and stickers with her cabinet members at Round Up

Giselle Hernandez, Staff Writer

Danica Martinez is in her junior year at Glendale High School. She was born in Glendale and has been at GHS since her freshman year. However, this is her second year back in person because of the pandemic. 

Danica revels in spending time with her dog, listening to music, and reading. She is a part of the Red Cross Club, Cancer Awareness Club, STAR Club, and Body Positivity Club. Danica also shares the presidency of HERd Club with Phoebe Antonio.

During Danica’s freshman year, Club Rush was online. When she saw that HERd Club had been introduced that year, she was interested in the message that the members were promoting. Joining a club was the only way that she could put herself out there, without having to be physically there with other people. 

HERd Club meetings via Zoom were awkward at first, but then over time, through group talks, everyone got more comfortable with each other. Danica prefers in-person club meetings, now that she can personally interact with her members. 

Danica became co-president of HERd Club because she has known the former president and club founder, Crystal Stylc, since her freshman year. Considering Danica was there since HERd Club started, she and Phoebe were entrusted to oversee the club. They both already know how meetings are supposed to go, how to connect with club members, and what conversations to hold. 

The 2022-23 HERd Club cabinet also consists of secretary Lina Avedisians and treasurer Jane Bassil. They are hoping to take club members to protest rallies together in the future. 

As of now, Danica is trying to help her members to become more comfortable with each other and get to know one another. During meetings, they have discussions about the difficulties that women face each day, especially through misogyny. Club members also consider other topics, like queer feminism. 

Danica Martinez (center in blue jeans) poses with her fellow club members

HERd Club creates a safe place for women, and people of other genders, to talk about and express their emotions, whether it be anger, frustration, or fear. It’s a place where all people are free to rant, without being judged.

People should join HERd Club to better understand that they definitely don’t have to put up with whatever challenges they are going through, despite how much society tries to normalize prejudice and toxic masculinity. In HERd Club, they recognize these problems and work on them together.

Danica hopes that more people attend future HERd Club meetings and that they become more comfortable joining and not being judged by the people around them. Danica admits that it took a few months for her to open up during meetings, and she understands that it can be difficult for people to share their ideas without overthinking them.

Danica’s favorite part of being co-president is working with other people, forming ideas that she can share with them, swapping ideas, and exchanging conversations. She loves being able to put herself out there in a leadership role.  

This year, Danica hopes to promote the club more and gather more members. She hopes that more people will recognize what the club is for and help to make it a safe place where people can come together, even if they aren’t necessarily friends with each other. ANYONE can join HERd Club! 

After she graduates from GHS, Danica plans on going to a 4-year college, while majoring in Pre-Law and minoring in Political Science. She took Women’s Studies last year, which gave her more interest in the subject. 

You should follow HERd Club on Instagram: @herdclubghs! To join the club, please contact Ms. Castaneda in Room 4318.