Brandon Doronila Wants to Leave his Legacy at GHS

Our ASB and FCA President shows us how to leave GHS with no regrets


Genesis Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Brandon Doronila is a senior at GHS, and he has been a Nitro since his freshman year. He was born and raised in Glendale, and his favorite hobbies include hanging out with his friends, playing video games, and watching sports, like football and basketball. Brandon is also our ASB President and the president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

Brandon first got involved in ASB when he was in middle school, and he really enjoyed it, so he decided to try it for high school. He says that the idea of student government sounded fun and interesting to him. ASB now feels like a second family to him, and he has always enjoyed it. 

During his meetings in ASB, Brandon and his fellow officers discuss the events that we will have at our school, like rallies, Oratorical, and the Homecoming Dance. Brandon thinks that people should join ASB because it’s a “fun class where you can learn responsibility and become a role model for other students.”  

“ASB has been the best thing I’ve ever been part of, because it made me better and more responsible,” he said. 

Brandon first got involved in the FCA because his sister, Bernice, started the program when she was a student at GHS. So after she graduated he took over as president of the club. Brandon is a Christian, and he hopes that FCA will help him to be closer to God. “I also want other students to join, get closer to God, and genuinely enjoy it,” he said. 

During his FCA meetings, members each do their own testimonies, where they talk about how they first got involved with God. They also have guest speakers during meetings and do Bible study. 

Brandon encourages everyone to join FCA, because it’s a good place to learn about the Christian faith and meet new people. 

Brandon wants to tell all underclassmen to try everything they can in high school, and they should leave our high school experience with no regrets. He also wants to tell Nitros that no matter what they believe in and where their faith is, everyone should check out FCA, because they might learn something from it. 

Brandon believes that the future for ASB will be great, because the incoming senior class will hopefully learn something from what he left behind. He hopes to finish his time in ASB the best he can and do things without regrets, since it is his last year in high school.

Brandon also wants to find someone just as capable, committed, and passionate about FCA as he is. “When I leave GHS, I hope that the future president can carry on with what I’ve done in the club,” he said. His hope for FCA is that he and his members can at least touch one person’s heart, because then they have reached their goal. 

In the future, Brandon sees himself as a computer engineer or an accountant. He wants to be able to make good money to accommodate his future children and wife, and he plans to also take care of his parents. 

If you are interested in joining FCA, you can find their Instagram: @ghsfca22, or you can contact their advisor, Mr. Kolodinski, at [email protected]. To join ASB, please contact Mr. Livingston at [email protected] or you can also find their Instagram: @glendaleasb.