Patricia Morales Rojas Wants to Break the Stereotypes

Our Spanish Club president strives for change and inclusivity


Marian Martínez, Staff Writer

Patricia Morales Rojas, also known as Paty, is a senior at Glendale High School and she is the president of the Spanish Club. The club holds meetings every other Thursday in Mrs. Sepulveda’s classroom (2336). Paty has been a member of the Spanish Club since her freshman year and has always looked forward to being involved in its activities and the Latino community. 

Paty wants to unite both Latino and non-Latino people with her club, since she sees that her community is divided, not only from other communities, but within the Latino community itself. Whether it’s intentional or not, she feels that from her experience, and from the experiences of her peers and friends, that whenever someone hears the word “Spanish” they think about Mexico and the various stereotypes therein. Unfair assumptions and a lack of Latino representation are harmful to our community, and Paty says that she slowly wants to get rid of them.

Paty not only wants to eliminate those stereotypes, but she also wants for everyone to feel respected and represented. She hopes to give all students a voice, whether they are Latino or not, and everyone is welcome to join. 

During club meetings, everyone has a chance to speak. They are a place to bond and to feel safe to speak your truth, and everyone is welcome to eat snacks and to listen to music. Paty also wants to “get rid of stereotypes by learning about different cultures and learning from each other.”

There aren’t really any requirements to joining Spanish Club, besides being respectful of others and trying to have a good time! A fluency in Spanish, or an identity in a specific ethnic background, is not necessary. Paty and her club members are all simply trying to get along with their peers, and it’s a very interactive and welcoming environment. 

Of course, Paty desires to address certain issues in her community, and the main purpose of the club is to feel heard and represented. That’s the type of legacy she wants to leave behind, as it is her last year at GHS. 

If you are interested in joining Spanish Club, please contact Ms. Sepulveda at [email protected]!