The BTS Meal, McDonald’s

The BTS Meal, McDonalds

Marian Martínez, Staff Writer

BTS is a well-known South-Korean group of singers that have been making music since 2013. They recently released a collaboration meal with McDonald’s and it came out on May 25, 2021. I, as a veteran ARMY, had to go support them and buy one of these amazing, scrumptiously-made, junk food combos. It definitely wasn’t a flop food-wise or money-wise, but I just had bigger, “I want free photocards”-style expectations.

To me, the meal isn’t disappointing, since it looks like my usual order when I buy something from McDonald’s. It consists of a ten-piece Chicken McNuggets with a medium drink and medium fries. The only difference is that McDonald’s has released two new sauces inspired by South-Korean recipes. 

The Sweet Chili sauce is a very light, slightly tangy, chili that goes very well with the chicken nuggets. The Cajun sauce, on the other hand, is a bit thicker, kind of like a mustard, and it has a pretty color. The Cajun sauce is not that spicy either. Both sauces are different, yet they are also very tasty and enjoyable. Again, spice levels vary from individual to individual, but for me they are not as spicy as I thought they would be.

Sadly, the low rating for this meal is because I expected to at least get a BTS McDonald’s bag, with purple ARMY logos and the signature yellow “M” from McDonald’s. I was also expecting a pretty purple cup, with a purple box of McNuggets. The highest (most unlikely) expectation was to get photocards of the members of the group. Usually photocards come in albums, or they are resold online. Either way, I would have paid for the meal and had a free photocard. This isn’t a Happy Meal, though. 

Overall, this experience is a mixed bag. I would give a perfect score to the food, the sauces and the price. I would definitely recommend it, since it is worth the price of a normal combo and isn’t over ten dollars. Not to mention, again, the sauces are delicious. There is nothing to lose by getting the meal. 

BUT the only disappointing thing for me, and I think for a few more ARMYs, is the lack of purple bags or photocards that we were expecting to receive. To whomever started the rumor, I hope they only get nine nuggets out of ten and that their sodas have no gas >:o.