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The News Website for Glendale High School


Daniel Armstrong Marches Towards the Future


Daniel Armstrong is currently a junior at Glendale High School, who plays trombone in the GHS marching band. Currently he holds the position as the trombone section leader and assistant drum major, and he is going to continue in both positions next year. He was born and raised in Glendale. 

Daniel’s hobbies include playing music and reading, and he just recently started getting into baking. Currently he is reading a memoir called Educated and the last book that he finished was Rhythm of War. He also has been part of GUSD since his childhood.

As Daniel describes it, he joined music on a whim when choosing electives in middle school. After liking it, he stuck with music throughout his middle school years.

During middle school, Daniel was part of the school music program. He was a member of the concert band in sixth grade, wind ensemble in seventh grade, and symphonic in eight grade.

After middle school, Daniel joined the music summer camp so that he could join the marching band. During that summer, he would practice baritone horn, and he continued doing so during his freshman year.

At first, he was not as interested in the marching aspect of marching band, because he wanted to practice more with his instrument and expand his school repertoire by playing that kind of music, but as time went on, it started to grow on him. While in his sophomore year, Daniel switched to trombone, because he had wanted to join the jazz band since before he got to high school, and there is no baritone horn in jazz band.

Other than practicing during school, Daniel was invited by an alumnus to play some gigs together. Additionally, he went to outside school practices with other students.

Daniel feels that the best part of the marching band is the community aspect of it. Other than just seeing each other a lot, they practice with each other and spend a lot of time together. He also noted that the trombone section has some traditions, such as meeting up to walk, or even having some practices while bonding.

The process of marching band is also interesting. For most of the year, the main focus is the halftime show. Before the school year, five of the student leaders pick a piece that they like, and then the band has to memorize it. Throughout the semester, the visuals of that piece will be practiced, and as rehearsal progresses, more and more movements are added.

The band members then perform these shows to the public during the halftime of football games. Later in November, marching band members go through competitions between other schools.

Additionally, Daniel and his bandmates learn a number of pep songs. These songs are played during the games, as catchy little tunes that last a few seconds. There is also a time when the marching band prepares for the Montrose Christmas Parade, where they play “Jingle Bell Rock”.

And as a celebration each year, the marching band has a banquet at the end of the semester, and each section of the band brings food. The marching band members give out fun little awards to each other, and at the end of the year, the rest of the band gives gifts to the seniors.

In the future, Daniel plans to continue pursuing his interest in music, either as a hobby or as something professional. He also hopes that these traditions are going to last for a long time and will not die off as new band members start to join.

About the Contributor
Maxim Arutunian
Maxim Arutunian, Staff Writer
Maxim is a senior at Glendale High School. Currently he is a leader on the GHS track & field team, and he helps the newbies to get comfortable in the sport. His favorite hobby is to play video games, which are a big part of who he is.
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