Melody Klein Strengthens Bonds through Adelante Latino Club


Maxim Arutunian, Staff Writer

Melody Klein is a senior who was born and raised in Glendale. Her hobbies include praying, reading the Bible, taking photographs, reading music, and photoshopping. She enjoys taking pictures of landscapes, mountains, flowers, and other natural subjects. She is also a member of the GHS marching band.

Before this year, Melody had not joined any clubs, due to the fact she never felt she belonged. Adelante Latino Club (ALC) was inspired by our assistant principal Ms. Diana Hernandez, because other schools in our District had this club on their campuses, but ours did not.

The key reasons why Melody joined the ALC are because she is half Latina, and she also adores the club advisor, Ms. Martha Sepulveda. Furthermore, she wanted to try something new for this year, so by helping to found a club, she would be able to accomplish that goal.

The main goal of the ALC is to inspire young Latinos to be proud of their culture in order to strengthen our community. ALC plans to start projects to impact our community with the involvement of  club members.

What Melody enjoys most about the ALC is the interactions and involvement she sees during their meetings. This allows a friendly environment in which everyone feels welcome.

Melody knows that this club will prosper as time goes on. This is the first year that the ALC is active at GHS, and she feels that after this year,  it will only get better! And when in-person meetings are possible again, it will allow the club to gather new members and have a lot of potential.

If you are interested in joining the Adelante Latino Club, please contact Ms. Sepulveda at [email protected]