Lindsay Doody Is Bringing the Drama to GHS


Maxim Arutunian, Staff Writer

Lindsay Doody is currently a sophomore at Glendale High School, who was born and raised in Glendale. Her parents moved here from Simi Valley, because they thought Glendale would be a nicer place to live.

In December, Lindsay successfully advocated for the return of our school’s Drama Club, and she is currently serving as club president. As for hobbies, Lindsay likes to hangout with friends using FaceTime. She has also been a part of GUSD since her childhood.

Since her freshman year, Lindsay has been a part of the We Club, which is a service organization. She also wants to join the Future Doctors of America next year.

Lindsay wanted to bring back our Drama Club, because it allows people to express themselves and have fun working with others. The part of the club that she enjoys the most is the way that people interact with each other and the way they can give each other the feedback they need to improve in their acting.

Lindsay started acting in the seventh grade, and she was part of her middle school drama program, where they would perform in plays. The moment she began acting, she fell in love with it and experienced a lot of fun with it.

The club at the moment consists of ten members. During meetings, you can meet with people and each month there is a monologue that you can practice. At the end of the month, you put on a small play, where you can be as creative as you can be and add any props or costumes that you would like.

As for the future of the club, Lindsay wants to hold field trips and go to see plays in person, so club members can get the feeling of the industry. The people in the club are all supportive of each other and give off a positive influence, which allows people to grow and makes them more comfortable in their craft.

Lindsay really hopes that she will be able to put on a play or musical at our school when the situation will allow it. And she really hopes that, when she eventually graduates from GHS, someone else who loves acting will take over the club and continue its legacy.

If you are interested in joining Drama Club, please contact its advisor Ms. Sheldon-Williams at [email protected].