Armenia: After the War


Maria Bagumian, Staff Writer

There is no reason to see innocent people dying. Armenia is a poor country with great people and history. Starting on September 27th Armenia was fighting against, not only Azerbaijan, but also against the powerful army of Turkey. Doctors, soldiers, and young men were going to Armenia from other countries, because they could not leave their country alone. A lot of doctors were trying to help the soldiers, but some of them gave their lives for the homeland. 

Every moment, people were thinking about the soldiers who were fighting against this powerful enemy with almost no weapons. Everyone was trying to help the country as much as they could, and every day seeing the efforts of those brave men was a sign to do more and more. Now, after the tragic war has ended, most of Artsakh now belongs to Azerbaijan.

The most painful fact of this conflict is that the country lost a lot of young men who became the pride of their country. People, who were just starting to enjoy their life, decided to give their soul for their homeland. There are families who lost not only a child, but other family members. Some of them were engaged and some were planning their futures, but now those people only remain as lost heroes. These mothers did not want to have a hero; they wanted their sons. 

Now, there are a lot of soldiers who are left with no hands, feet, eyes or other body parts. Every parent is happy that their child is back even with these problems, but there are some who had a hope that they could see their children one more time. Even lying on the bed with a lot of problems, these soldiers are still smiling just to make their families happy. Having those strong men makes the nation feel united. 

Artsakh has a lot of ancient Armenian churches and memorials that have been destroyed. A lot of history has been created there, and now almost everything is gone. People were left without houses and some of them were burning their own homes. The families were building houses for themselves with their savings, but now those houses are gone because the lands do not belong to Armenia anymore.

A part of Artsakh still belongs to Armenia, and people are living there with a fear. They live with a terror that every moment they will hear a sound of a weapon. However, not all the people moved back to their houses, because they decided to leave the country and live at rest. There are also people who are saying that no matter what, they are not going to leave their home.

Overall, it may be said that hopefully Armenia will stay as strong as always, and let anyone see that the strength of the nation lies in its people. Armenia is proud of the hero soldiers who fought until the very end. Every Armenian should continue helping these soldiers, because they fought so that others did not have to. Those young men are the reason why every Armenian can announce loudly that they are Armenian. 

Armenia Fund is still collecting donations to help with the relief effort. Please donate what you can today!