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The Haunting of Bly Manor

Behind an ominous manor, comes the strangest creations to your imagination

The “perfectly splendid” Netflix series called The Haunting of Bly Manor serves up all sorts of horror and shock, which might stay with you for the rest of the night. Over several media, people have questioned what the theme of the show really is. They emphasize, with great pleasure, that the theme would definitely be about the ghosts in the show, which represent great fear within ourselves. 

This fear may represent the deep feelings we have for others and how we will eventually forget about the people who we cared about, and how they will also forget about you. And I believe that this is accurate, since the producers acknowledge the problems that soon become suspense with hidden meaning. 

This show might just leave you thinking about how the paranormal and the afterlife are a huge part of a mystery. However, after watching The Haunting of Bly Manor, you will question it no longer, due to the horrifying events these innocent people living in the manor have gone through. 

This season is the follow-up to the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, another perfectly splendid horror series, which took place in another haunted mansion. Those episodes also feature characters who are going through the grief of losing important people in their lives, while experiencing strange events going on in a very huge house. 

The plot of Bly Manor is full of mystery from the beginning. The Wingraves are the current family who are currently living at Bly Manor, but the parents both suffer an unfortunate fatal accident, which leaves behind their two children, who must stay side-by-side and help each other grow. 

But of course, they’re not the only ones who live at the manor. And those who are standing by to support the orphans are Owen the cook, Jamie the groundskeeper, and Hannah the house manager. They are joined by Dani, the American au pair, filling in to help the children out with their education and childcare. 

Dani is fleeing from America to leave her past, is hired by the children’s absent uncle, and arrives at the manor. After a few days, she starts to witness some paranormal activity which terrifies her. A few weeks into her arrival, Dani starts to notice the strange behavior in the children. She had something tragic and traumatic happen to her days before arriving at the manor, and she is haunted constantly by a ghostly figure. 

As tough as Dani is on the outside, there is also a little sensitive side to her. She enjoys taking care of the orphaned children and giving them as much help as they need in order for them to understand what it’s like out there in the world. 

The two children, Flora and Miles, are extremely full of life, kind, and understanding, but they know something that the others in the manor don’t. They keep it to themselves for the others in the house to stay safe. Because the house is full of extraordinary secrets, the children both have the objective of making it seem normal for the other residents who live beside them, so that it doesn’t give them a bad reaction. However, the truth is bad enough for them to go insane. 

Be warned! Bly Manor has many jump scares that may scare viewers to the bone. It doesn’t have nearly as many jump scares as Hill House, but it does have enough for you to probably scream for just a bit and hold on to your pillow tighter.

Both of these shows have a good combination of terror, grief, and some happy moments that the families share. Both seasons also have background stories, which the families had before all these odd occurrences came right at them full-strength. 

There are multiple moments in Bly Manor where it shows that every single one of the characters has a moment of breakthrough. But no one makes it out so easily. All the characters go through many obstacles in order for them to realize and know what has been going on, and we discover why they had to go through whatever they had to go through.

All these characters eventually rethink everything. Once they finalize their thoughts, it all comes as a shock for them. It will be much more shocking to the viewers attentively watching, but soon it will all make sense.

A fun fact about this season is that this whole series is based on a novella called The Turn of the Screw, which was published in 1898. It tells a story of the au pair hired by a very absent uncle, never showing up to see how the kids are, mainly because he is hiding a secret from the Wingraves. Now they have made it into a series, which is great for those who enjoy watching literature portrayed visually. For those who have not read the novella yet, give it a read! It has more details and explains everything more thoroughly. 

The Haunting of Bly Manor is not as chilling as The Haunting of Hill House, but it does have a more openly satisfying story, especially in the terrific Episode 8, which explains the past of the manor. 

I did not expect the ending to be the ultimate outcome, but the series does offer a well-written story with great detail. It is a great way to have people from around the world experience horror and shock, as well as mystery, from their TV screens to their electronic devices.

Overall, the creators of this series have made it a very well-developed story. The characters play their part amazingly well, and the talent they show makes it a gift for this series to be well-known and heard about, especially because of its genre. 

I recommend this season to whomever enjoys having a little scare but also loves drama and thrills. You should definitely watch Bly Manor in a fully dark setting, if you truly dare to do so.

About the Contributor
Andrea Samperio, Staff Writer
Andrea is a senior at Glendale High School. She is a part of the girls varsity soccer team and a member of the Spanish Club. Her hobbies include playing video games, reading, writing, and watching movies and TV shows on Netflix and HBO Now.
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