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The News Website for Glendale High School


Reality TV Is Bad for Your Health!

There are hidden dangers behind the screen
Kim Kardashian (right)

Reality television is everywhere and has been for a while, especially in the lives of teens. It shapes how they view relationships, beauty, success, and themselves. 

Reality shows might seem real, but they often exaggerate reality and show extreme personalities. This can ruin what teens think is normal or possible, making them feel like they’re not good enough or that they need to be someone they’re not. This isn’t just about fun TV—it can negatively affect how teens act and feel about themselves.

First off, reality TV can mess with our heads when it comes to how we see ourselves and others. Have you ever noticed how everyone on those shows seems to have the perfect body, the perfect relationship, and the perfect life? Well, that’s not real life. 

When we see those unrealistic standards over and over again, it can make us feel like we’re not good enough just the way we are. We might start comparing ourselves to the people on TV and feeling like we don’t measure up. 

But here’s the thing: those shows aren’t real. They’re edited to make everything look perfect, even when it’s not. So, it’s important to remember that what we see on TV isn’t always the truth.

In an article from The Michigan Daily,, the author explains how reality TV has a big impact on how girls see themselves and their lives. It often makes them think that their worth is all about how they look and how much drama they have in their lives. 

When girls see this all the time on TV, they start believing it’s normal. They might feel pressured to look a certain way or act a certain way, even if it’s not who they really are. 

This can ruin their confidence and make them doubt their own talents and dreams. Instead of focusing on what they’re good at or what they love, they might worry too much about how they measure up to the impossible expectations they see on these shows.

Another article from the Very Well Mind website informs us that reality TV can shape a boy’s expectations of how women should look and act. These shows often feature women who fit a certain stereotype: always perfectly made-up, always ready for drama. 

When young men see this over and over again, they might start believing that’s how all women are supposed to be. But in real life, women are diverse and complex. They have their own personalities, interests, and ways of looking. 

When guys expect every woman they meet to be like the ones on TV, they’re setting themselves up for disappointment. It’s not fair to expect real people to live up to the unrealistic standards set by reality TV.

Kim Kardashian is the prime example of reality TV’s influence on teens. She became super famous through the series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, where she shows off a glamorous life that seems perfect. But behind the scenes, things might not always be as they seem. 

Teens often look up to Kardashian, wanting to be like her and have her life. But it’s important to remember that what we see on TV isn’t always real, and trying to live up to those standards can be tough.

Another reality series called The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills paints a picture of a life where women just shop and socialize all day, without any real responsibilities. It might seem cool to live like that, but it’s not realistic for most people. 

Watching this show can make teenagers think that being a housewife means having a super easy and glamorous life, but that’s simply not true. In reality, being a housewife involves a lot of work and responsibilities that aren’t shown on TV. Plus, not everyone can afford to live that way.

In addition, reality TV doesn’t just affect viewers—it can really mess with the people on the screen as well. Behind the scenes, the participants may feel pushed around by producers, who care more about drama than their well-being. This can lead to tough situations and privacy violations, leaving them feeling exposed and judged by the public.

Plus, when the cameras stop rolling, the editing process can twist things around, making the participants look bad or presenting situations in a way that misrepresents what actually happened. This sudden fame can also be overwhelming, messing with their mental health and making it hard to go back to a normal life afterwards. So, while being on a reality TV series might seem cool, it can come with a lot of challenges and struggles for the people in the spotlight.

Ultimately, reality TV has a big impact on how we see ourselves and others, especially as teens. It shapes our views on relationships, gender roles, and what success looks like. 

While it’s fun to watch, we’ve got to remember that it’s not always real life. It often shows us exaggerated versions of reality that can mess with our heads and make us feel like we’re not good enough. 

So, it’s important to watch reality TV series with a critical eye and remember that what we see on the screen isn’t always true. By being aware of this, and thinking carefully about what we watch, we can make smarter choices about the media we consume and how it affects us.

About the Contributor
Emma Torosyan
Emma Torosyan, Staff Writer
Emma is a freshman at Glendale High School. She likes to read, write, listen to music and watch rom-coms. She plays volleyball all year round and skis during the winter.
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