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The News Website for Glendale High School


An Outstanding Oratorical!

The 115th Oratorical handed out wins for almost everyone!

“Now… when… those… Glendale Boys swing down the line…”

On April 19th, 2024, our Glendale High School students participated in the 115th Oratorical, held in the Glendale Performing Arts Center. Oratorical is a long-running tradition at GHS, where classes compete in four categories: Speech, VAPA, Spirit, and Discipline. 

Each speech was followed by a tableau and dance that matched the ideas and symbols represented in the speech. This was the second year in a row that we were able to hold this event in the GPAC, following the 2020 pandemic. 

This year, the Oratorical speech was written in response to the following prompt: 

Since America’s founding, the question has been debated how involved we should be in the affairs of other countries. Should the U.S. attempt to influence the attitudes and behaviors of other countries, or should we stay out of others’ problems and conflicts? What should America’s relationship be – economic, political, and moral – with countries around the world?

The Class of 2026 won the Speech component with an address titled “What Do We Stand For?” Sophomore speaker Arianna Torabian described the experience as tough, yet fulfilling. “Although the memorizing portion was easy for me, it didn’t necessarily take away the nerves I associated with speaking on a stage,” she admitted. “However, I found fun in performing for friends, which made preparing somewhat enjoyable.” 

Arianna described how she relied on the aid of her friends, and her sophomore speech coach, Mrs. Shannon Clark-Reed. “With the help of the support given to me by my friends and my mentors, I was able to perform and speak from the heart,” she said. Overall, Arianna felt that Oratorical was “a test of my own independence and determination in writing the speech, memorizing the speech, and performing the speech, which thankfully ended successfully, and I’m forever grateful.”

The Class of 2025 finished second in the Speech competition, and they brought a new approach to Oratorical, with a speech entitled “Uncle Sam’s Soliloquy”. This consisted of a satirical criticism of the United States’ intervention in foreign affairs. Traditionally, speeches for Oratorical have been consistently formal, as prompts tend to be controversial. Speeches choose a side on the prompt and argue for their perspective. And yet junior speaker, Tyque Galloway, delivered more of a dramatic performance, playing the role of a satirical, heartless version of Uncle Sam.

The Class of 2024 won the VAPA competition, with a dance performance from drill team co-captain Hasmik Grigoryan, who will be attending UCLA in the fall. In second place came the Class of 2026, whose dancer was Anaya Woods, followed by the Classes of 2025 and 2027, who were represented by Anna Vardanyan and Rudey Parra, respectively.

The Spirit category was led by two cheerleaders and consisted of two cheers, “The Three G’s” and “The Power Yell,” and one song “The Glendale Boys.” Classes were judged on tempo, volume, and clarity. The Class of 2025 won in this category, led by cheerleaders Adrienne Fenyes and Talia Arotionians.

Finally, the Discipline category is judged on how still and quiet each class can remain during the competition. Students must be dressed in white, collared shirts and black pants, and they must sit with their hands on their laps and always face forward. The Class of 2025 came in first place for this category as well.

Here are the overall results of this year’s Oratorical:


1st place: Class of 2026

Speaker: Arianna Torabian; Speech Committee: Eva Jeyranyan, Dorin Mirzaiain, Sophia Orellana, Arianna Torabian, and Lori Torosyan

2nd place: Class of 2025

Speaker: Tyque Galloway; Speech Committee: Nicole Duarte, Kate Enriquez, Erin Freeman, Jasper Starr, and Hasmik Tumasyan


1st place: Class of 2024

Dancer: Hasmik Grigoryan; Tableau: Anna Tunyan, McKinnley Gray, Emma Remley, Nicole Peria, Amelia Knur, Talin Tamrazians, Crystal Orozco, Anahi Ceja, Emily Churukian, Natel Amirian, Anahit Nazloyan, and Isabella Raigoza

2nd place: Class of 2026

Dancer: Anaya Woods; Tableau: Sophia Tshabourian, Dahlia Vignol, Rachel Francis, Polina Svigach, Erica Hovanesian, Lilya Nikogosyan, Sofi Pugrdjian, Shaylee Thomas, Destiny Velina, Loraly Cano, and Sofia Ramirez Arvizu


1st place: Class of 2025; Cheerleaders: Talia Arotionians and Adrienne Fenyes

2nd place: Class of 2026; Cheerleaders: Valentina Hemaidan, Sofia Orellana and Maia Remley 


1st place: Class of 2025

2nd place: Class of 2026

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s Oratorical! You guys did an amazing job!

(Photography by Astghik Asatryan and Sydney Koo)

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Kate Enriquez
Kate Enriquez, Staff Writer
Kate is a junior at Glendale High School. They are the treasurer of Save the Seas Club, equipment manager and member of color guard, the girls volleyball team manager, and a member of WE Club. She enjoys reading, listening to music, hanging out with her friends, drinking coffee (she might be addicted), and trying to get enough sleep and stop procrastinating.
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