Dylan Andrade Has His Life on Track


Maxim Arutunian, Staff Writer

Dylan Andrade is one of the team captains on the track team. He has spent his life in the GUSD district. Dylan likes to draw, play guitar, work out, read, occasionally write poetry, and do photography.

Dylan has been involved in track since seventh grade, and in middle school, he played for the Crescenta Valley Falcons Team, until he joined the Glendale High team. Currently his main events are the 400-meter dash, 100-meter dash, 4×4 relay, and 4×1 relay.

Dylan felt like he had more potential and decided to put it to good use and join the track team. Also his brother and sister both were on the track team as well, so he decided to continue with the tradition.

Dylan is now a team captain and has participated in CIF prelims and the Arcadia Invitational. As he continued his career in track, he became adept at controlling his nerves, and he formed amazing friendships in and outside of the GHS track team.

Dylan’s achievements include four first-place medals for the 400-meter and three first-place medals for the two hundred meter in the Pacific League Finals. As a freshman, he was the seventh-fastest in the country for the 400-meter dash.

If given the choice to do any other sport, Dylan would like to join the swim team. He likes the uniqueness of this sport. You spend your time in water, compared to many sports which are on land, and it is also a good sport for cardiovascular training.

Dylan is planning to be on the track team once he goes to college, he hopes that it will make him a better candidate for admission, and he is excited to compete at the college level.

Dylan’s favorite part of being on a team is the way you form a community with people at the track meets. This kind of feeling creates stronger bonds between athletes and makes you feel like a family. Adding onto that, he also likes the way track shapes your mentality, and it teaches you how to deal with stressful situations.

Dylan, as a team captain, is also a really good teacher, and he enjoys teaching newbies that come into track.

As of right now, Dylan thinks that track is going nowhere with covid-19. People in general will get slower than usual, but there still will be some people who are dedicated enough to push themselves further, who can become new stars on the team.