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The News Website for Glendale High School


The Stress Teachers Cause for Students

Do teachers intend to cause us to suffer?

Some countries make students go to school a lot more than others, and some countries have students attend school fewer days on average. However, the records show that most students worldwide attend at least 180 days of school each year

Throughout those school days, a large number of students experience stress and tension as a result of their teacher’s educational style, or because of the number of assignments given to them each day.

I’ve been stressed out throughout all of my school years, but it has been especially challenging for me in high school. This is simply because high school is the last four years of your life before you join the real world, where you can either start your career or attend a college or university. This transition might be ten times more difficult than what students are already currently facing. 

Understandably, stress sucks for everyone. 

Trust me, I know what it’s like. Students may experience breakdowns, frustration, and anxiety as a result of the pressure they are under. 

There are numerous reasons why students experience stress at school. It may be because some teachers are unable to adequately teach their students and still expect them to fully understand the material. 

Students might also be stressed out, because the classes that students take in middle and high school are more rigorous, including honors English, advanced math, AP world and US history, AP literature, and physics. Let’s be honest: taking these courses weighs more heavily on young people because they are more difficult than other traditional classes. Additionally, you must work harder, and study far longer, in AP classes, than you would in regular courses.

Not all students take AP courses, but even in their regular classes, many students still experience extreme stress. They may be having a hard time managing their time and course load. Additionally, they may not be able to focus on the material or comprehend the lessons they are receiving. 

Having college-level classes in high school is a real struggle. Most students tend to take those classes during their senior year, just to earn more credits, to save money, and to expand on their education. I think it’s a terrific idea, but seniors should still make time for other interests, such as hobbies, athletics, and a part-time job. 

Students are used to being stressed, but it’s not always their fault. We all have a few unique teachers who teach us and ensure that we understand their lessons. On the other hand, some teachers do not put in the effort to educate their students at all, and I have been in that situation several times. Fortunately, I did not fail any of these classes, but I struggled more than necessary to complete their assignments and tests. 

Then again, other students couldn’t care less about their grades or education. Unfortunately, it is common for some students to simply quit and not participate in class at all. They are sometimes required to complete any missing work, in which case they will be under a lot more stress, due to all of their missing work.

According to Education Week, there are times when teachers are stressed out, and they end up making their students stressed out as well. We expect our teachers to be organized and prepared to teach their students properly, but many teachers also experience stress when it comes to their grading, salaries, or lack of support. This might overall give them a chaotic mindset, especially towards their students. It may cause them to have a lack of instructional competency, classroom management, or positive relationships with their students. 

One benefit of attending Glendale High School is our amazing The Glen Wellness Center, which is run by our beloved Ms. Electra Stafford. This room is designed for our students, faculty and staff to take some time and relax from all the stress that they are all going through. It’s such an incredible idea to have a resource like this at a high school, because not only is it a cool, stress-free environment, but it’s also a space where you can come and just take a deep breath for a while. 

If you are struggling with stress during your regular school day, I highly recommend that you pay a visit to The Glen Wellness Center. You should also talk to your parents, your teachers, or your counselor about the issues you may be having. 

No one should suffer through stress alone.

About the Contributor
Erica Hovanesian
Erica Hovanesian, Spotlight Editor
Erica is a sophomore at Glendale High School, and she is a part of the JV girls soccer team. This is her second year as a member of the journalism class, and she is hoping to continue this class through her senior year. Some of the hobbies are playing sports, such as soccer and swimming, reading, listening to music, and crocheting.
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