Mrs. Cebrowski Brings the World to GHS

Meet our newest Spanish teacher


Senorita Cebrowski at the beach in El Segundo

Shaylee Thomas, Staff Writer

On Monday, August 22nd, Mrs. Vanessa Cebrowski officially started teaching at Glendale High School. Born in California, she was raised by her Argentinian parents. Along with teaching high school Spanish, Mrs. Cebrowski enjoys swimming, traveling, writing poetry, and spending time with her daughter.

Before pursuing teaching, Mrs. Cebrowski wanted to be a writer. She dreamed of publishing her own magazine geared towards young people. Later, she realized the best way for her to work with young people was face-to-face, and that’s where her journey to teaching began.

Mrs. Cebrowski attended Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, where she majored in Communication. After changing her career path to teaching, she switched her major to Spanish. She would later go on to finish her studies at Cal State, San Bernardino.

Before teaching at GHS, Mrs. Cebrowski taught at many different high schools around California. One of the schools she subbed at was Encore High School for the Arts in Riverside.

Senorita Cebrowski poses with children in Kenya

Mrs. Cebrowski also has a love of traveling, and she has been to many exciting places around the world. She studied abroad in Spain, and she even went to Kenya with her church.

Mrs. Cebrowski enjoys connecting with her students and being able to relate with them about things happening in their lives. She likes to incorporate music and pop culture into her lessons to help her students thrive and have fun.

This coming school year, Mrs. Cebrowski, like many teachers, hopes to become a better educator. Over the course of the next nine months, she wants to work toward learning more about her students, so that her classroom can have a smooth flow. 

If you are having anxiety about learning a new language, or are currently refining your language skills, Mrs. Cebrowski has some advice for you: you should always be up for the challenge, since learning a new language definitely will be. 

Keep putting yourself out there, Nitros, and it’s okay to get out of your comfort zone!