Ms. Keshishian Is Leaving GHS with a Smile

Take a minute to get to know a wonderful person with multi talents.


Maria Bagumian, Social Media Director

Ms. Anahid Keshishian will be retiring from her role as an attendance clerk at Glendale High School for 23 years, and over 28 years of service to the Glendale Unified School District. She first attended Glendale Community College, where she began her studies majoring in Business Administration. Ms. Keshishian worked at John Muir Elementary at first, after which she moved to GHS, where she became an actual member of our Nitro family, because she has been working here for 23 years.

Ms. Keshishian has enjoyed working with children, and yes, 23 years is an exceptionally long time, and that is why she felt like it was time to let her second family go and begin living for herself and her own family. She would always keep in mind that it could be her own child walking into the office with a question that required an answer and support, so she treated students and families with regards and respect.

Ms. Keshishian has always been happy to help, to provide support and to be the person with whom the students are comfortable. Glendale High School has really become a second home for Ms. Keshishian, and she has worked with some wonderful people on our campus. She has mixed emotions about her retirement, but she feels it is time to move on with her life. One thing that Ms. Keshishian really likes about GHS is having great teachers and wonderful programs that help students to succeed. She really likes nature, so the only thing that she would like to see on our campus is more flowers and trees to improve the beautiful views of our community.  

Ms. Keshishian loves traveling, and Italy is the country where all the citizens might know her already, as she has been there many times. She is also a gardener, and she enjoys taking care of her beautiful garden designs, but the water shortage is something that is ruining her enjoyable moments. Additionally, she loves spending time with her grandchildren, her three beautiful nieces, and her family.  

Ms. Keshishian has had very long experience working at Glendale High School, she has made some wonderful friends and after retirement, she will still be in contact with some of her colleagues. She is looking forward to focusing on her many hobbies, like silk ribbon embroidery and painting. 

Ms. Keshishian mentioned that, over the years, she has met some amazing people and become friends with them, and she has a lot of memories that she is taking with her as she moves on with this next chapter of her life. She wants to thank each and every colleague that she has been working with and wishes everyone very good luck.

Ms. Keshishian will be missed by her GHS family, but it is the time to enjoy life with family and friends and create unforgettable new memories. Overall, she has truly been a part of our family and she will always be a Nitro.