Medical School Hopeful Wants to Help Children by the Book

Future medical student, Inesa Navasardyan, plans to write a children’s book for cancer patients.


Maria Bagumian, Staff Writer

Inesa Navasardyan first studied at UC Irvine, and afterwards, she transferred to UCLA. She is able to speak three different languages, English, Armenian and Spanish, and she chose to be a doctor for children who have cancer. She has just taken her MCAT exam, and now she is applying for medical school.

Inesa loves kids and she loves learning about cancer. She has been visiting a lot of hospitals and has always wanted to be helpful. “I have always wanted to write a book, but could not choose a topic which would make my readers and myself interested,” Inesa speaked. 

In her opinion donating money is not enough, and eventually Inesa had the idea of writing a book. “It is very depressing when kids have cancer,” Inesa said. “I want to make the book as a way to make the depressing subject a little better. I want to make a funny book where kids are learning about cancer, but it is not a sad way of learning.” She is planning on writing the book after applying for medical school, which will happen this month.       

Inesa wants to make the book very colorful and more full of illustrations than words. “Not only kids, but also adults will be able to read this book, and in my opinion kids starting by the first grade will already be able to read it,” Inesa said. “It will take a few months for the first copy because I have to hire a professional artist to do the drawings, but I think it will take about six months.” Inesa does not want to sell her book, because she wants to make it available to children for free. 

Inesa wants to donate copies of her book to hospitals, schools and libraries. “I want this book to be spreaded all over the world and I am planning on translating the book into [the] Armenian language, ” she said. A pediatrician at UCLA is willing to help her with the translation. If everything goes well, Inesa is also planning on translating the book into Spanish.

“If I will be happy with the result, I would like to continue writing books, but in different themes,” Inesa said. “The kids don’t know what is going on and they are in the hospital the whole day, so I know I have to be very careful and patient while writing this book.”

She is hoping that school children will also read her book so that they learn about cancer and how to support children with the disease. “I want the kids to feel support. I want to see their happy faces, and if I’ll feel the happiness in their eyes, then the whole process is not hard for me.”  

Although Inesa graduated from Clark Magnet High School, hopefully aspiring artists and writers at GHS will believe that if she can take on a project like this, then they can, too. Inesa is trying to motivate students to do more and make their school proud of them.