Skipping Your Senior Year

Is graduating a year early really the best option for you?


Maria Bagumian, Staff Writer

Is it possible to skip your senior year and have a chance to start working towards your goals earlier? 

Yes, and that is what a lot of high school students choose to do. It is not an easy decision to make, because you might be scared, but a life without risk means a pointless life where you will live in fear. If you have a goal, then you have to make it possible, no matter what you may face.

There are some good aspects of graduating early and also some things that you should definitely think about. It works for the people for whom high school is already an easy level of education and they are ready to surpass to a higher level.

It is not an easy decision to make, because senior year plays a big role for your future, and you should pay attention to every small detail. If you are not able to make a decision the best choice is to have a conversation with a family member and ask for help. It is your life and your decision, so you better sure that you won’t regret it. 

For some students, senior year might be counted as the easiest year in high school, and it is a chance to give yourself a chance to focus on your plans following graduation. On the other hand, skipping senior year will also bring you closer to your career, because it is a chance to finish your school a little earlier.  

One of the negative sides of skipping your senior year is that you won’t have a graduation, and a lot of students are waiting for their senior year to enjoy other activities, like Grad Nite. Although you will not be able to attend your graduation ceremony if you leave school early, you will still receive your high school diploma. You won’t have fun with your friends and see your family clapping for you, but at the same time you will be counted as a winner, because you will have more real-world experience than your former classmates. 

Senior year is a period to have some time for yourself, but that does not mean it will be very easy. At the same time, you are preparing for college life and getting closer to your goals. It is the final year of high school, which means you should definitely make more memories with your classmates and family. As it is the last year of your school journey, you will feel older and you have to accept the things that you cannot change. It is a given time to think about what you want to do next and apply for all available opportunities. 

However, finishing high school traditionally is not for everyone. Most of the time, motivated and hard-working students are ready to leave everything behind and move on to a harder level of education. As you skip your senior year, it gives you an opportunity to finish your education earlier and begin working on your career. It is a great chance for students to reach their goals sooner. 

One way to graduate earlier is by taking the General Educational Development test, or the GED. This is basically the equivalent of a high school diploma anywhere in the United States. The four GED tests are mathematics, language arts, social studies and science. It is important to remember that these tests won’t be easy though, so you have to actually put some hard work into preparing for them.

To complete your GED, you will have to earn a score of 60% or above. The higher score you get, the more opportunities will be provided for you. Many colleges look at your GED score to determine if you will receive scholarships and other better options.         

Overall, the decision to skip your senior year is not an easy one to make, because you have to choose between following a more traditional path or going with the harder option. It is a great opportunity, but it is not always what is best for everyone. You have to analyze everything in detail, because your decision will greatly affect your future. Also, it is a way to get a job, to volunteer and to begin your college education earlier.