Kristina Cruz, Staff Writer

With summertime coming, new anime series are being released! One of them is バクテン!! (Bakuten!!), a new sports anime. It was written by Toshizo Nemoto and directed by Toshimasa Kuroyanagi and produced by the studio Zexcs. People can watch it on Crunchyroll or Funimation. The animation for this series is absolutely amazing and clean. The art is also soft and satisfying to look at. The characters are pretty expressive and view each other as an inspiration to become better. They encourage each other and help out each other with positions they may not understand. 

Bakuten!! is about a boy named Shotaro Futaba who hasn’t found something he’s passionate about, until he sees the Ao High School boy’s rhythmic gymnastics performance. As soon as he does, he enrolls in the program, hoping to join and become a part of the club. Now Futaba has to improve to catch up with his already talented club members. 

The characters overall are really terrific. I personally favor Kotaro Watari, because he’s personality is just really love-able. The relationships between the characters haven’t developed yet, considering it’s the first few episodes, but we do get the idea that our main character Futaba thinks highly of Ryoya Misato and looks up to him. 

A reason to watch this anime is because there aren’t a lot of up-to-date series about rhythmic gymnastic sports, and it shows male representation in the sport. The beauty of gymnastics is really shown through their movements and timing. 

For anime lovers who watched Sk8 and Haikyū!!, this is a great sports anime to watch next. It falls under the genres of “a slice of life”, “sports” and “high school drama”, so if you’re interested in those, then Bakuten!! will be great for you.

Just by watching the first episode of Bakuten!!, many people are hooked in, and the same goes for me. While watching the first episode, I was mesmerized by the lighting, the colors, and the animation, which is some of the best I’ve ever seen.

The ongoing anime Bakuten!! is a fabulous sports anime, so for those of you who like this genre, I highly recommend this one. Of course if you don’t like anime, I still recommend this as a good first series to start getting into anime. You won’t regret giving this one a try!