Virtual April Show

April 1, 2021

Welcome back to our monthly virtual art show of the 2020-2021 school year. Students in 2D and 3D Art classes have been working hard to create a variety of artforms with limited materials at home. The work below are from  our beginning and advanced ceramics, sculpture, drawing and painting, art, and AP 2D & 3D art classes. GHS art students have been working on claymation, surrealism, tessellation, land art, the Getty Challenge, insect drawings, alternative sketchbooks, and more this past month.

Our ceramics classes have been working hard creating claymation or stop motion animation. Stop motion animation (also called stop frame animation) is animation that captures one frame at a time, with physical objects that are moved between frames. When you play back the sequence of images rapidly, it creates the illusion of movement. The videos we produced had claymation and other stop motion techniques to create a 45 second film. The films also show sound and edit techniques that bring the characters and story to life. Click here to watch the claymation videos! Enjoy!

Expect another student virtual show on May 1st!




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