A Year in Choir

“A Year in Choir” by Isabel Ramientos (class of 2021) highlights GHS choir memories: fun at the beach, bonding in class, and, of course, rehearsal and performance! Filled with fun memories of friendships, silly jokes, emotional moments, and happy moments, it’s something our class shares with one another. This video shows many of the great memories made together as a class and as a choir family. We bonded together, we laughed together, we cried together, and we all gained a family. Choir was and still is a unique experience and something that we will all cherish in our hearts as years go on.

As a team, we worked with one another to put on an amazing Unconcert and had many moments of fun as well. Isabel, one of our current seniors, did an amazing job of putting together a video filled with some of our happiest moments, and some of our hardest times (saying goodbye to our seniors). A lot of effort, love, and care is put into this program and we don’t know what we would do without this class. We may be online now, but we eagerly look forward to coming back and singing with one another again. But until then, this video gives us the encouragement and hope we need to continue.

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