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27 Dresses

A timeless rom-com

27 Dresses is a romantic comedy that was released in early 2008, written by Aline Brosh McKenna, and directed by Anne Fletcher. It stars Katherine Heigl as Jane Nichols and James Marsden as Kevin Doyle. This movie is heartwarming and so much fun to watch.

27 Dresses is about an everlasting bridesmaid named Jane, who always puts others’ needs before her own, which makes her the designated girl for wedding planning. So when Jane accidently sets up her sister, Tess, with the man she is secretly in love with, she starts to ask herself if being a wedding junkie has been the right choice all along. However, a charming reporter for the bridal beat finds Jane’s unusual situation and our story begins.

The screenplay for this film is absolutely amazing, and they did a beautiful job picking the actors and actresses, especially Heigl. She is a terrific actress, who can make you feel what she is feeling. 

Similar to her role on Grey’s Anatomy, Heigl puts great emotion into all of her work. It makes for a stronger movie and a better audience experience. She and Marsden have great chemistry with each other, which makes the romance more believable on screen. 

The character development in this movie is exceptional, and we see three big examples over the course of this film. The first is Jane, where the audience first sees her as a sweet person who loves weddings and is a hopeless romantic.

Throughout the movie, we see her slowly grow more irritated with her sister, until she eventually explodes and humiliates both her sister and her boss. Even though she thought this would make her feel better, it makes Jane feel worse, and she realizes something about herself and how important family is to her. 

Jane has one more big change, too. Kevin is pining for her all throughout the movie, and she continuously pushes him away, only to realize eventually, that she’s in love. 

The second character development occurs for Kevin Doyle, who is a wedding announcement writer. As much as he likes being a writer, he wants something more. He convinces his boss to let him write one story that isn’t a wedding announcement. When he gets to write the wedding announcement for Jane’s sister, he finds a particular story not about the wedding, but about Jane. 

When Kevin writes the story, it comes off as offensive to Jane, even though he didn’t intend it to be. Instead of always thinking of himself, he starts to think about other important people in his life.

The third development happens for Jane’s sister, Tess. She has always had everything handed to her and has been in her own little bubble her whole life. She never thinks about other people, especially her sister. She has taken a lot from Jane and has never batted an eye over it. At the end of the movie, she realizes that her relationship with Jane is more important than anything else.

The storyline for this movie is very interesting. It could be classified as a romance movie, as there’s not much comedy found here. There are a lot more serious scenes in this movie that in other rom-coms would be either ironic and a little silly. But in 27 Dresses, this is not the case. 

This still doesn’t change how good this movie is, and yet the storyline does get very wishy-washy in the middle. It’s like one minute everything is fine, and then the next second someone is upset. I think that they could have made each storyline with each character just a bit clearer. 

And if you watch a rom-com, and don’t want to scream at the characters and feel like turning the movie off halfway through. With 27 Dresses, you’ll be so frustrated that you’ll scream at the two main characters to just kiss already. Otherwise, this movie has every other great quality of a rom-com.

Now for the biggest part of the movie: the ending scene. It’s now Jane’s turn to have her big day, and when she’s standing at the altar, behind her we see every one of the twenty-seven dresses she’s worn in all of the weddings she’s been in. It is so nice to see how everyone of her friends has her back in being a part of her wedding, when she helped plan their weddings as well.

So overall, you should go watch this movie as soon as you can! I promise that you won’t regret it at all. And if you like rom-coms, go watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and A Walk to Remember.

About the Contributor
Aniella Pieprzyca
Aniella Pieprzyca, Editor-in-Chief
Aniella is a junior at Glendale High School. She is on the track team and is very excited to compete this year. In her free time, she likes going to concerts, watching Netflix, and hanging out with her friends. She is also very excited for journalism this year.
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