NBA 2K21


Haik Karageozyan, Staff Writer

NBA 2K21 is made by the company Visual Concepts and was published by 2K Games and 2K Sports. The game features all current players and most of the historic NBA players. You can find it on a wide array of platforms, including the PS4, XBOX ONE, and PC. Overall, the game is a little disappointing, because there is not much improvement from NBA 2K20. It has many features that are still the same from last year, with just a few more gameplay additions. 

In the main gamemode called “MyCAREER”, you play as a fictional character named Junior. He is on his path to the NBA, which starts from high school. How good you play depends on how high you get placed in the NBA draft. Once your character has made it to the NBA, he plays and progressively gets better after every game. The story here is more interesting compared to how it sounds. When you play as Junior, you feel attached and in control of what important decisions you make on your career path to the NBA.

The graphics are very realistic in this game. You can tell how much detail there is when the players shoot the ball. Every player has a unique shot form, from how they look when they jump to shoot the ball to how they land. They also made it so that the dribbling is unique and fitting to each and every NBA player.

Another good reason why you should get the game is because they added a new neighborhood that is creative, vibrant, and colorful. The neighborhood is a park where people can play against and interact with others to have fun. For the past couple years, these games have featured the same neighborhood, so it is a relief to see a new setting where we can play basketball.

A gamemode called “MyTEAM”  has been added with many new features. “MyTEAM” is a gamemode where you make your own team and compete against others online or offline to win prizes and upgrade your squad. There is also a new feature called “Seasons”, where people can level up and collect new prizes, such as new players and currency to improve their team until the season ends. There is also a new feature called “Exchange”, where you swap cards that you don’t want for other cards that you prefer to have on your team.

However, one reason why you should not get this game is because it is infested with microtransactions. To upgrade one character to the max in the MyCAREER game mode will cost more than 50 dollars! It also costs a lot of in -game currency to purchase clothing for your character, which is also outrageous. You shouldn’t have to spend so much money, or play for such a long time, in order to upgrade your character and buy him clothes.

Another reason why I do not recommend this game is because there are a lot of gameplay issues. For example, many people are currently complaining about too many shots going in when you time the meter. The community thinks there should be a patch to make the shooting a little more difficult and to widen the skill gap for competitive players.

Another gameplay issue is trying to find games to play in the neighborhood. While there are many courts, there are also many neighborhoods, meaning that there are not that many people in quite a bit of them, which makes it harder to find games to play.

Therefore, you should not buy NBA 2K21 for the current generation gaming platforms. You should instead wait and see if the gameplay is better in the next upcoming generation of gaming. There is still hope that the game can be an improvement for next generation consoles. But as of now, the game is not much of an improvement from last year and is not worth the $60 out of your pocket. For now, I would recommend you to play NBA 2K20 or NBA 2K19 because they are just as enjoyable.