A Career in Nursing Might Be for You!

It’s time to explore and understand the path to being a nurse


Edita Melkumyan, Staff Writer

Being in the medical field is not for everyone, and it is not an easy career to pursue. There are many careers and opportunities available in the medical field, and one of them is nursing. 

Additionally, there are different nursing fields that you can explore, and you should definitely choose the focus that you like the best. Some of them include being a registered nurse (RN), a licensed practical nurse (LPN), or a nurse practitioner (NP)

So why is nursing such a good career option? First of all, being a nurse gives you a variety of great job opportunities. Unlike other careers, nurses are always needed around the world. 

Let’s take for example, the coronavirus pandemic. When the pandemic started, all around the world, nurses were in high demand to help sick people and save their lives. Imagine how many nurses worked hard and for how many hours to take care of those people. They were essential employees.

You will never fail with your nursing degree, because there will always be a job opportunity available for you. Besides that, it’s a good-paying job.

Here are three schools you should consider if you want to become a nurse:

Glendale Career College

Glendale Career College is located in your own town, and it is just down the street from the Alex Theater. This college is your best option, because it has so many nursing options that you can choose to study. Some of them include Medical Assistant Training, the Dental Assistant Program, Surgical Technology, a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, an Associate of Arts in Nursing, and Vocational Nursing

Different programs have different costs and timelines. All that you need  to do is fill out the application, and you can even do it online. It’s a great school, and it offers you classes that will prepare you for the board exam as well. 

American Medical Sciences Center

The AMSC is a college located in Glendale, right near the Glendale Galleria. It offers different medical and nursing programs, like three different degrees in Medical Sonography and a Diploma Program for medical assistants. 

The classes prepare you for the board exam to become a licensed nurse, and this school also helps you with finding a job. You can apply there after you graduate from GHS, and it’s very easy and accessible for everyone.

Glendale Community College

Glendale Community College is located on the northern side of our city, and it offers many different majors and programs. GCC has a program for the Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN), which meets all the requirements needed to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). This is the exam necessary to be a licensed nurse in the state of California. 

This is a full-time program, which will take about two years to complete. Out of all 134 nursing schools in California, GCC ranks number 9 in the state. Also, its 3-year average NCLEX-RN passing rate is over 97%. 

These are just the top three closest and the most convenient options that you can choose from if you want to pursue a career in nursing, but if you do your own research on this topic, you can find a variety of other schools that will offer you the nursing program that you are looking for. 

No one said that nursing is an easy career, but is it worth it in the end? The answer is yes! Don’t miss out on these opportunities, Nitros, and never give up on your dreams!