“Icarus and the Sun”

A poem by Anonymous


Everyone knows the story of Icarus, how he flew too close to the sun, melted his wings, and plummeted to the ground. The story is often used to teach children that refusing to listen can have dire consequences, among other interpretations. I interpret the story in a way it most definitely was not meant to be. I think that it could be about love.


The sun, 

the forbidden object of my affections.

It sits in the sky, 

taunting me with its light, 

knowing I cannot come near.


Its smile brightens my day,

and its embrace warms my heart.

She is heavenly, one with the stars.


I reach out, but my wings reach back,

wax dripping back down to Earth,

stealing me from my love.


I know I cannot get closer,

know I can no longer yearn.

I feel her warmth fade,

and the room becomes cold.