The Drone (Revisited)

The Drone (Revisited)

Niko Tartinsky, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered if a plastic drone can kill a human?

If you have phobia of flyer hovercrafts then you should definitely watch The Drone, a 2019 movie directed by Jordan Rubin. It is a horror movie that has earned 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it is available now on Amazon Prime Video.

It is one of the worst movies ever made.

The movie begins with a serial-killer psychopath using his drone to stalk his ex-girlfriend, but meanwhile there is another girl next to him in the basement, handcuffed to the radiator. When he hears the FBI trying to break into his basement, he yells, “Ugh, I need to call the Uber!” He goes on top of the roof holding his drone, but then lightning hits him and his soul gets transferred into the device. At least he won’t need an Uber from now on.

The police confiscate the drone and put it in the backseat of a car. The drone suddenly gets activated and it cuts the throat of a police officer while he is driving. The car crashes and the drone flies away. Its battery will apparently never die, because it is a miracle drone.

The movie then shifts to Rachel (Alex Essoe) and Chris (John Brotherton) who are moving into their new home. Their creepy neighbor decides to pop up and give them a visit. She is a weirdo, but they invite her in anyway. It looks like Chris likes her.

An important note here: Rachel is the ex-girlfriend of the serial killer whose soul is trapped in the drone. He is still obsessed with her and thinks that he still has a shot with her as a drone, even though it’s hard to find someone who will fall in love with a mechanical device.

Later, the drone sits on a trash can and Chris comes and picks it up, and he is like, “Oh cool, a free drone.” He shows it to Rachel and she is like, “Did you steal it?” He is going to keep the drone, but he needs to buy a new remote first. The drone has a camera, but it seems like Chris is totally sure no one is spying on them.

Chris goes into a shop to buy a new remote, and the cashier asks him if he wants it in a black or white color. The cashier is basically testing Chris’s racism. Then, he says that he is joking and gives Chris a black remote. If Chris said white, would he be considered a racist? 

In the next scene, Rachel gets out of shower and she is jump-scared by a flying drone. She confronts Chris, asking him why he used it to freak her out. Chris says he doesn’t know anything about it. While he is talking to her, he has food in his mouth, which is pretty gross. 

This drone is a really jealous one, and it doesn’t like Chris. It wants Rachel all for itself, because she will totally fall in love with a drone. It hacks into the house security system and starts tormenting the couple. It also gets into Chris’s computer and causes him to get arrested.

When Rachel goes back home, she finds rose petals all over the floor with a bunch of candles that are lit. This is obviously a unique drone with special abilities. She starts attacking the drone with a broom, but the drone dodges it and leaves three large bloody scratch marks on her back. She tries to escape the house, but the drone grabs her with its drone mouth and pulls her across the room. Then, it rips her hair and spits it out.

The movie just gets worse from there.

That drone is a beast, and it is comparable to a xenomorph. The Drone is the worst horror movie ever created. Some people claim it is so bad that they liked it. If you are interested in finding out how many more people can be killed by a plastic drone before someone takes it down with a broom, then you should watch it now on Amazon Prime Video.