Prometheus (Revisited)


Niko Tartinsky, Staff Writer

Have you ever been interested in the history of ancient aliens?

If you believe that humans have an extraterrestrial origin, then you will be interested in watching Prometheus, a 2012 sci-fi horror movie directed by Ridley Scott. He is a famous producer who is also known for directing the original Alien and The Martian. Prometheus earned up to $403 million in the worldwide box office. This movie is available now on Amazon Prime Video.

At the beginning of the film, a spacecraft arrives on Earth. A humanoid alien departs the spacecraft and drinks a liquid, which causes his body to disintegrate. As the humanoid falls into the river, his DNA gets broken up, and then it builds itself up again. This causes the beginning of human life on Earth.

Later in 2089, Archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) discovers a sky map painted ion the wall of a cave in Scotland. The map is 28,000 years old, and it is the oldest known cave drawing. The sky map matches the ancient artwork of the Sumerian, Mayan, Hawaiian, and other unconnected civilizations.

Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) is a 105-year-old man, and he is barely alive. He is a billionaire entrepreneur, and the founder of Weyland Corp. His company agrees to fund a trillion-dollar expedition to the moon called LV-223. He is also secretly aboard a spaceship, and he is planning to make contact with the aliens to extend his life-span.

While the crew is in cryosleep, there is a creepy android named David (Michael Fassbender), who monitors the voyage. Before the landing, David wakes up the crew, and the ship lands next to a large, rocky artificial structure. The atmosphere is made up of 3 percent carbon dioxide, so people need to use space suits to explore.

Inside the structure, the crew finds an alien presence, but it seems like the place has been untouched for 2,000 years. In the cave, there are multiple rooms and hallways. In one of the rooms, A scientist named Rafe Millburn (Rafe Spall) finds a disgusting, snake-like creature and decides to pet it, because he thinks it is cute, but the snake kills him and eats his organs.

Some critics claim that this movie is silly, because the characters’ actions are unrealistic. However, I think the characters’ silly actions make the movie more enthralling to watch. Elizabeth Shaw gets pregnant with an alien, and she barely takes it out using a medical surgery pod. Nobody seems to care about her health or that of the baby alien later on, but her survival instincts are amazing.

The premise of this movie is similar to ancient astronaut theories. Zecharia Sitchin claims that Annunakis were advanced humanoid species who came to earth 500,000 years ago to mine gold. Annunakis apparently hybridized their species with Homo erectus to create humans as a slave species of miners. The Engineers play a similar role in this movie.

Prometheus is worth watching, because of the interesting plot and scenarios. It does have some flaws, but the concept is interesting. Will the crew be able to find what they are looking for? If you are interested in finding out, then don’t miss this movie on Amazon Prime Video.