The Tourist (Revisited)


Niko Tartinsky, Staff Writer

Have you ever thought of going to Europe to mend your broken heart? Or maybe to seek adventure? 

The Tourist is a 2010 American action movie directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, and Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp have the starring roles. It is based on the 2005 French movie Anthony Zimmer. The budget of the film was 100 million dollars, and it earned up to 278 million dollars in the worldwide box office. The Tourist is available now on HBO Max.

The movie follows Frank Tupelo (Depp), an American tourist travelling from Paris to Venice by train. He is a mathematics professor at a college in Wisconsin. Suddenly, an alluring woman comes in and sits in front of him, and they start conversing.

Frank’s new companion is a British woman, Elise Clifton-Ward (Jolie), but he doesn’t even suspect anything about her dark past. When he notices two people spying on them, Elise just dismisses those claims as paranoia. This chance encounter leads to many further adventures, involving Russian gangsters, chase scenes and a villain named Alexander Pearce. 

Frank and Elise are staying at Hotel Danieli, a gothic hotel built in the 14th century. When the gangsters break into the room, they mistake Frank for Alexander Pearce and start chasing after him on the rooftops. Luckly, this time he survives.

The scenery in the movie is beautiful, but the critics claimed that there wasn’t enough “chemistry” going on between the two lead actors. However, Elise is still in love with Pearce, and Frank is supposed to be a distraction, but you can notice some connection going on between them. The plot is kind of confusing and muddled, but after all, it is a thriller.

The filming crew actually went to Paris and Venice to make this movie. Venice is famous for its beauty, and it’s a top tourist destination. This film did receive negative reviews, but it was nominated for three Golden Globe Awards.

Overall, The Tourist is an easy movie to recommend, because it is a really enthralling movie! The ending is really intriguing. Will Scotland Yard be able to capture Alexander Pearce, or will the gangsters capture him first? If you are interested in how the movie will end up, then I recommend you to watch it now on HBO Max!