Immigrants Deserve Respect

Please treat the members of our migrant community with compassion


Maria Bagumian, Staff Writer

Leaving a country means changing your life and building your new life with more possibilities. Immigrants are people who move from their country to live somewhere else. Most people migrate to another country in order to live in peace and to be safe in new locations. Other migrants may want to live in better conditions, so they move for the chance to provide themselves, and their family members, with more opportunities. Overall, moving from one country to another is a big chance to restart your life.

A war is something that makes people leave their own country to live in peace. People may be too scared to live on their own land, because a military conflict has erupted there. If there is somewhere else where a person can live more safely, they make the decision to migrate. People want their children to live in peace, and by moving away, their children will not have to go through everything that has happened to them. 

Living a great life is a goal for everyone, but people do not always have the chance to make it in their home country. If people know that there is somewhere else they will have an opportunity to live their best life, it makes people choose between two options: either their home country or their goals. It is not easy to achieve success, but pushing yourself forward to get closer to it, makes your goal more real to reach. Success is based on the hard work and the passion of someone who goes on by gathering skills.

Some people also don’t have a chance to work in their home country, or they may have economic problems, so the best way to have a chance for themselves is to start fresh somewhere else. Also, some people are moving to gain new skills and abilities that will allow them to get a better job later.

Your family wants the best for you, and they should have the chance to choose where you will spend your childhood. When a family moves to another country, a child doesn’t really have a chance to decide, and when they get older they are building their life in another country. Some people are moving to other regions to start their own family, in a place where they can be alone with their loved ones. Some couples understand that it is better to depend on themselves and continue forward with their future.  

Leaving your homeland may not benefit your country of origin, but it might go well for you. By moving to another region, you do not have to leave your traditions and culture behind. Traditions and cultures are hard to be kept by moving to other countries, but it is not impossible. By keeping your traditions, it makes you feel connected to your roots. You can also teach other people from your new country about your culture. 

Staying in your home country and not doing anything doesn’t make you a proud resident, because if you’ll be successful somewhere else, then it is a chance to make your country proud. Being successful in another country will give you an opportunity to help your country from a distance. A great way is also to support the children’s education of your country, but most importantly you must still remember where you cam e from.   

By moving to other countries people should definitely learn about the traditions of their new country, because they are continuing their life in a completely different place. Accepting the new traditions does not mean that you will stop following your country’s traditions. Learning about your new culture is sometimes a challenge, because keeping up two different cultures is not easy.  Religion, a new language, and other customs will make you think differently despite these challenges. 

People should stop thinking that if they leave their country then they don’t recognize your culture. They should not have to feel guilty for their own decisions, because it is not easy to live this life without making sacrifices. When people move somewhere new and completely forget about their own nation, then it is unacceptable. However, if they can be happy somewhere else, and keep their traditions alive, then they should take that opportunity.

Please be kind and considerate towards all immigrants. You do not know what they have left behind or the struggles they have made to be here. If you had the chance to improve your own life, and the lives of your family members, you would do so as well.