Everywhere at the End of Time, Stages 4 – 6

Everywhere at the End of Time, Stages 4 - 6

Marian Martínez, Staff Writer

This is the continuation of my review on the first half of Everywhere at the End of Time, by The Caretaker, and if you haven’t read it yet please do. My first article was about the first three stages of the album and I felt drained. Thankfully, I was in a “meh” state of mind. I wasn’t thriving at the time but I was doing well. 

The art covers for the sections stayed the same, meaning that they were dull, yet something always pops out and the music gets worse. It is still beautiful yet way too much for me to handle. Still, I decided to keep going, ‘cause momma ain’t raise a… Well, let’s not finish that sentence.

Then, Stages Four through Six started, and the emotions I felt were all too much. Was I sad? Nostalgic? Was I sleepy? All of the above? And this was for no reason, besides maybe my bad sleeping schedule. Music is the language of the unspoken, and it is indescribable most of the time. 

I didn’t know what to feel or think during the second half of the album. I wanted to see what would happen if I turned the volume up to the max. Keep in mind that I was wearing my earphones on both ears. The music became just sounds during Stage 4. It kept getting louder, and then it stopped and distorted sounds dominated from that point forward.

The background sounds made me feel like I was in a laggy video game. Sound just cut on and off and the sounds were so eerie that they gave me goosebumps. My head hurt as if someone had hit me with a bat. 

The last piece of Stage 6 introduces music again, but it is more of a whirring, a buzz and just a distant melody. It is so faint that I questioned myself if it was my imagination or if there really was music playing, faint and then dissipating. Gone.  

Then, comes a last song, with a ballroom type of melody again. It was comforting after not hearing instruments for so long. Then it became eerie again, but in a sad way. 

As the music ended, my first thought was “Wait, come back” and then I felt sad. I was feeling weird. My mind was foggy. I didn’t lose any memories or anything like that. There was just an empty feeling in my chest and I felt off, like I wasn’t really in my room trying to figure out what exactly I was missing. 

All in all, this was a weird feeling and I do not recommend this album to anyone for the sole fact that it takes six hours to listen to it, and you don’t feel like yourself. I ended up questioning my existence and feeling lonely with a massive headache. 

If you are going to listen to Everywhere at the End of Time, please make sure you’re doing all right. The music altered my feelings in such a way that I can’t even describe it. Also make sure you don’t have any homework due the next day.